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Laboratory reconstruction

Experience beauty, quality and safety with laboratories rebuilt by the askilanlab team

Dedicated design and production

Dedicated design and production of all laboratory equipment based on the needs of your laboratory
Special worktops of askilan, a suitable solution to meet the need for laboratory suppression

Laboratory expert advice

Expert advice for obtaining laboratory certifications before commissioning

Responsibility is the starting point of our work

As we look to the future, we try to get everyone thinking about how to maintain quality continuously in the production process. Today, energy storage is more important than ever, and we have widely considered this in our policies by using new materials in our products. Special compared to similar products. Tradition and progress are not contradictory but complementary. For us, it is basically traditional thinking in business activities that can ensure progress and come up with more effective solutions for future development and creativity. Fara Sang Dersa Company is proud that customer satisfaction, providing a product with a distinctive quality, in the shortest time is one of its important goals.


Complete negotiations, detail recording, detailed analysis, 2D and 3D design and advanced production system are the key to our team's success.


Pre-production of products, selection of standard and modular designs and high production capacity lead to fast implementation and timely delivery


The use of quality raw materials is the most important factor in producing a durable product. "We do not have a second-class product"

Doris Products

Doris products

Design, production and installation of laboratory benching

The vision of your new lab

Your new laboratory

From idea to implementation


With years of experience, benefiting from the presence of professional colleagues and setting up various laboratories, you can trust us to have a modern, safe and standard laboratory:

trust in askilanlab

Customer orientation in Doris is more than just a slogan, and the maximum satisfaction of our customers is proof of this fact.

Fast and perfect installation

Meet your needs after physical execution, do not increase costs in the end work, equipment efficiency and repair capabilities, our support and flexibility with you

3D laboratory design

You will see your laboratory before it is built and even before concluding the contract, just contact us.

Doris attends various exhibitions

Doris participates in various exhibitions

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Doris News

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