Laboratory hood

Laboratory hood

Laboratory hood is one of the effective measures to observe safety and necessary standards in the laboratory environment is the use of various types of laboratory hoods.Laboratory hoods are designed and produced with different applications that are selected according to the type of activities performed in each environment.

Doris laboratory equipment with more than 15 years of experience, is a manufacturer of fixed laboratory equipment, including a variety of laboratory hoods with the best and highest quality raw materials.

Types of laboratory hoods

How do I choose a laboratory hood?

The applicability is the most significant element for selecting a laboratory hood; for example, if you work with toxic materials and poisonous fumes, the arm fume hood or chemical fume hood would be suitable options depending on vapor types and volumes. If you need an appropriate culture medium, a laminar flow hood or a canopy fume hood would be suitable for your laboratory.
You are welcomed to contact Douris professional consultants to choose and order the best-fit hood based on your requirements and budget.