Due to high work experience and commitment, cooperation with skilled craftsmen and having an equipped production unit, as well as accompanying customers in all stages of work from design to full operation of the laboratory, has succeeded in providing high quality products and reasonable prices with the highest percentage of customer satisfaction. And over the years his successful experiences have been honored to receive many certificates and honors.

Reasons to choose Doris to build and rebuild your lab

Ideation, flexibility, beauty


With a suitable production space, 6 separate and diverse workshops, advanced industrial machines, we are ready to create new products based on your ideas. Be sure to see our factory and previous projects

Possible changes in the layout and equipment of your laboratories, even after the final installation and delivery, are some of the things we do to satisfy you as much as possible.

By designing the main components of the laboratory benches and platforms, we will bring a unique beauty to your laboratory by combining and framing the hood and storage cabinets, the structure of the structure and shelves.