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Construction and installation of sbenching equipment of Saziba companies

Construction, installation and equipment of laboratory benching Benching side table     Benching middle table       Steel weighing table Chemical fume hood     Steel Comb Cabinet      Chemical storage cabinet    Shelf Modular      stand Cabinet       Stand Sink and shower faucets Emergency eye wash   Project implementation date: 2019 Laboratory: Chemistry - Microbes Project address: iran ,tehran , Baharestan Industrial Town

Construction and installation of benching equipment for Dorsa Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Design, manufacture and installation of laboratory benching equipment   middle table      Chemical fume  hood    Capsule storage cabinet    Weighing table   Project implementation date: 2017 Laboratories: Purchase of equipment Project address: Tehran , Industrial Town, iran

benching of anidarman kimia Pharmacy Laboratory

Design, construction, installation of laboratory benching and supply of laboratory equipment   benching table next to          middle table benching        chemical hood Combi German modular shelf       Column shelf      Weighing table         chemicals storage cabinet        Emergency eye wash Shower and emergency eye wash   Date of implementation: 2016 Laboratory: Chemistry - Microbes Project address: Alborz, iran

benching of Tehran Chemistry Pharmacy Laboratory

Construction and installation of laboratory benching equipment  Bending the middle table       Bending the table next to         the chemical hood Combi cupboard           Storage capsule          Weighing table         Storage cabinet cupboard & Material             shelf Columnar          shelf Modular shelf Middle table   Project implementation date: 2015 Laboratory: Chemistry - Microbiology - R & D - Apparatus Project address : tehran,iran