Canopy hood

Canopy fume hood

Canopy fume hood is one of the types of laboratory hoods that are installed in laboratories to observe safety points and maintain the health and safety of employees and can be manufactured in different dimensions and sizes according to the laboratory environment. These fume hoods are used to suck corrosive, foul-smelling, and harmful vapors from laboratory activities. Canopy hoods have a centrifugal fan with a motor that fits the dimensions of the hood.
Canopy fume hoods are mostly used in large laboratories and various research centers.

Advantages of Doris canopy fume hoods:


  • possibility to build in the dimensions requested by the customer
  • Possibility of 100% exit of laboratory air
  • Create a very safe desk to work with chemicals
  • Possibility to control indoor air intake manually and automatically
  • Can be installed on the wall or ceiling
  • Having a connection of the hood to the 160 mm outlet

Equipped with fan for ventilation, installed on the roof

Can I order a dedicated canopy hood?


Doris laboratory equipment designs and manufactures canopy hoods according to the needs and requests of buyers, and it is possible to change items such as work surface material, dimensions, and size according to buyers’ orders.

For more information about canopy hoods or other laboratory hoods, you can contact our colleagues.