Chemical Fume Hood

Chemical fume hood

Laboratory chemical  fume hood is used as a safe work table in chemical laboratories by laboratory technicians to protect toxic vapors and gases from the combination of chemicals. Due to the high sensitivity of these hoods and the possibility of poisoning for laboratory staff, while working with chemicals, the quality and efficiency of chemical hoods are very important, in this regard, Doris using the latest technology to design and produce chemical  fume hoods brings you peace of mind and safe environment in the lab.

Doris Chemical fume Hoods


Chemical fume  hoods produced by Doris laboratory equipment are produced in dimensions and standards of 1200, 1500, 1800, and 2000 with a steel body and competitive price. Observance of the necessary standards has left no worries for buyers and has created high comfort and safety for users. The work surfaces of the hoods are made of acid-resistant ceramic or with the request of buyers with steel and HPL with PVC substructure.

Advantages of Doris chemical hood:


Chemical  fume hoods have two simple modes (hood without storage cabinet) and Combi (hood with storage cabinet).
possibility to build in single-user, dual-user, and three-user dimensions
Use of explosion-proof glass in the manufacture of chemical  fume hoods
Interior material of the hood, HPL, made in Germany, resistant to chemicals
possibility to control indoor air intake manually and automatically
Very easy access to electrical and electronic equipment

Can I order a custom chemical hood?

Doris laboratory equipment designs and manufactures chemical hoods exactly according to the needs and requests of buyers, and provides the ability to change items such as work surface material, number, and type of valves, sockets, dimensions, and size according to buyers’ orders.

Common technical specifications of Simple and Combi chemical hood

  • It has a height of 215 cm, an external depth of 85 cm, and a useful internal depth of 80 cm.
  • The windshield of the hood is laboratory explosion-proof.
  • AC centrifugal fan with 1450 rpm is made by Tabriz Motogen (can be
  • replaced with various Iranian or foreign centrifugal fans of the buyer’s choice)
  • Chemical resistant epoxy cup sink
  • Water and gas valves made by Carlos Arboles S.A. Spain with chemical
  •  resistant coating and out-of-chamber control system (can be changed)
  • Austrian Schyller electrical outlets and steering switches made by Bremas Italy and lamps made by Legrand France with the out-of-chamber control system
  • Internal body of the hood, HPL 0.8 mm thick, made in Germany, resistant to chemicals
  • The exterior body of the hood, made of a 1.5 mm steel sheet with a chemical coating of electrostatic furnaces resistant to chemicals.
  • Tabletop made of chemical resistant ceramics with German Bostik clasp
  • Equipped with TECO digital inverter with volume to adjust suction at any time with French Legrand miniature independent fuse
  • with a French Legrand anti-acid vapor lamp

Specific technical specifications of Combi fume hoods:


A) It has a height of 70 cm, a width of 70 cm, and a depth of 80 cm.
B) The body is made of a 1.5 mm steel sheet with electrostatic paint coating.
C) It has steel mesh floors with electrostatic paint for optimal ventilation of gases collected in the cabin.
D) It has an automatic handle and a lock for safety.
E) It has a 24-hour German Theben timer to adjust the wardrobe program with 48-hour electric storage in case of power failure.
F) It has an anti-spark motor to discharge the accumulated gases in the cabin automatically and manually.

Dimensions and sizes of chemical fume hood

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