The side table Furniture

benching the side table

Side table furniture is one-sided furniture of laboratory tables, which is usually used as a place to put a variety of chemicals, a table for laboratory users, and a place to install a sink. If necessary, two ends of the laboratory table can be installed when equipping the washing table.

Side table structure


  • The main structure of heavy profile mm2 (preferably Saveh or Jahan brand)
  • C-shaped base connection system and bolts of 60 * 30 profile (as shown below)
  • Coated with first-class electrostatic powder paint
  • With initial preparation by acid washing operation
  • With an adjustable Teflon base

Table surface material of the side table


  • Anti-acid ceramics in 80 * 80 dimensions (with Eagle or Thunder brand in China)

Side table infrastructure


Made of 16 mm PVC sheet in two layers with a final diameter of 32 mm


Side table glue


Use elastic contact adhesive on the ceramic joints of German Bostik between the surface plate and the substructure and Otto shimi s69 German anti-acid silicone on the sink and cup sink.


Side table cornice

Made of the ceramic surface to a height of 5cm

The edges of the tables are next to the table


To prevent liquids from spilling the embossed edge of the first-class PVC


Side table unit


  • All units are made of Arta 16mm MDF brand (complete body, shelves, and drawers’ shelf)
  • The type of units should generally be one-door and one-drawer, and according to the needs of three-drawer and two-door units, one drawer should also be provided.
  • How to deploy the units should be considered as one between one foot and one unit.
  • The connection system is secret (elite system).

Side table lacings


  • The door hinges are 180-degree restraint with excellent quality and guaranteed.
  • Ball drawer rails, three arms to withstand heavyweight with excellent quality and guaranteed.


Sink and cup sink of the side table


  • Sinks and cup sinks are made of anti-acid polypropylene.
  • Side table faucets
  • Consider TOF brands from Italy or Carlos Arboles from Spain.

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